Court hearing over Vorm transfer

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Swansea City have appeared at the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Friday, for a hearing over the clubs disputed transfer of Michel Vorm to Tottenham Hotspur in 2014.

Utrecht dispute that they are entitled to a fee for the sale of the player to Tottenham, due to a sell on clause following the Dutchman’s £1.5m transfer to Swansea in 2011; which they are yet to receive.


Swansea Chairman Huw Jenkins has declared that the club have acted within the confines of the agreement between the two clubs, and that Vorm joined White Hart Lane on a free transfer.

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The transfer has been shrouded in some controversy as, to the casual observer at any rate, the move could appear to have been a part of the deal that also saw Ben Davies arrive at Spurs. Swansea City are adamant, however, that the Vorm deal is unconnected to the £10m deal that included Ben Davies and Gylfi Sigurdsson swapping sides.

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The case has already been thrown out by FIFA, and one suspects that the Utrecht board may have to settle for the fact that they’ve simply been outfoxed by the shrewd workings of Levy and co. that has seen Spurs obtain a talented Premier League goalkeeper without paying a fee. #Levy’d.

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By Joe Thomas

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