Spurs to sign ‘The Totti of Napoli’?

 Tottenham have recently been linked with the Italian inside forward Lorenzo Insigne, currently plying his trade at Serie A’s second place side Napoli. The 24-year-old has scored 11 goals this season and has made six appearances for his country. It is rumoured that Spurs plan to make an £18 million bid for the player in the summer transfer window. Would the player once described as the ‘Italian Messi’ improve our squad?

The signing of Insigne would improve Spurs’ attack by giving it a more cutting edge in the final third. When compared to the other three wingers Tottenham have (Lamela, Son and Chadli) Insigne has more goals (11) and assists (10) than the other three have combined. This shows how effective he can be in the final third and would increase the number of goals Tottenham score.

His ability to pass is rated as his best attribute by Who Scored and this can be seen by the number of assists he has created for other players this season. His ability to be able to play through balls could be decisive when Spurs make quick breaks on the counter; which was seen when Lamela created the goal for Eriksen at Manchester City.


Insigne has six caps for the Azzurri

It can also be seen that Insigne is adept at wining possession of the ball with an interception rate of 0.65 per game, which is only bettered by Lamela (0.84). This shows the potential for Insigne to come in and suit Pochettino high pressing style and be able to intercept passes high up the pitch to lead to quick counter attacks. 

Where could he fit in the Spurs system?

Insigne ability to be able to play as a striker and a winger is key as it enables versatility by being able to rotate him in a number of roles. This means he can be kept match fit as he can be utilised in different positions whether it is upfront or in one of the 3 positions behind the striker. In games this can also be effective as Pochettino likes to see his front four interchange with each other to help break down teams as they become difficult to mark.

The time it may take for Insigne to settle and get up to the pace of the Premier League may be an issue as we saw with Lamela when he signed for Roma. This can be seen from the first three seasons of his Napoli career where he scored just 10 goals in 93 appearances. It shows Insigne may take some time before he starts producing the goals on the pitch.


Lamela arrived from AS Roma for £25.8 in 2013

Will it happen?

The question is whether Insigne will want to leave his home club Napoli with the likelihood that they will also qualify for the Champions League. It is also claimed he wants to be the ‘Totti of Napoli’ and remain at the club for the whole of his career. Napoli are in no need to sell but the recent issue of Insigne being robbed at gunpoint in Naples may help Spurs’s quest to sign the wide midfielder with Insigne reportedly feeling unsettled by the event.

Having only signed Son last summer and that he is still taking time to settle after his injury and with the number of players Tottenham have who can play in the three positions behind the striker it may be unlikely that we see Insigne come to White Hart Lane. However, if Spurs were to sign Insigne we may see more of output from our wingers as we would have another goal scorer to help Kane out especially by the fact he can also play upfront, an area we are lacking numbers in.


By Tom Hackett

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