Building a Tottenham dynasty

Following a truly groundbreaking season, our boy from down under, Sam Carter, gives his thoughts on a spectacular year.
This season has been wonderful for the club. no matter where we finish up at the end of the season, it’ll go down as the best season we’ve had as a club in a long time. 

This season has seen the emergence of Spurs as a first class team that can challenge for Champions League spots consistently. 

Yes, I’m aware that it’s still early and the season isn’t quite over yet but looking at the squad and the people behind the scenes Spurs really have a foundation in place to build for the future. With such a young squad, they’re in prime position to build around that team and strengthen ready for the next season.

Tottenham need a striker

What is clear to most Tottenham supporters is that we need a backup striker, but that doesn’t mean we have to buy someone who will just sit on the bench until Kane gets tired. 

Personally I believe that we should sign a proven striker and for me that person is Alexandre Lacazette. 

Lacazette is a proven goal scorer in Ligue 1, having been the top goalscorer in the 2014/2015 season, scoring 27 goals in 33 appearances is amazing in itself. Lacazette may have slowed this season, but is still finding the back of the net fairly consistently.

With such an athletic frame and vast experience, Lacazette would be befitting of Pochettino’s system. At only 24, he’s still young enough that he could still be moulded and changed to work for the system. 

Prior to this season and having gained Champions League football next season, I wouldn’t have said that Tottenham would be an attractive destination for Lacazette.

However, with Champions League football and the ability to challenge for the title and trophies would be very attractive for a young player who is still trying to prove himself following his break out season.

As we know, the transfer window is always filled with surprises but I for one will be hoping to see Lacazette holding up a Tottenham jersey.

Incredible Mauricio

Mauricio Pochettino. Where do I begin? The man has transformed how this football club plays this season whilst creating a real family atmosphere between the squad and the manager himself. 

Watching players who have otherwise been pretty quiet on the pitch transform into crucial members of the squad, such as Erik Lamela, Moussa Dembele and Danny Rose, has been amazing to witness from a fans point of view.

Dembele has been a true pleasure to watch, mostly due to the fact that the man just can’t seem to be dispossessed once the ball touches his feet. 

We’ve got ourselves a manager now that clearly cares about the club and the players, which in turn creates a culture at the club that both keeps and attracts players. 

The camaraderie between the players on the pitch has been great to see, just having players that will fight for one another whoever whilst also managing to play amazing football is all about the culture that Mauricio Pochettino is building at Spurs and I’m sure will continue as long as he’s around.

Harry Kane

The man is destined to become a club legend. With Tottenham starting to distance itself from the perception of being a “selling club”, I can see him staying long into his career. 

With Champions League money coming in and the new stadium in construction, Spurs will be able to pay wages befitting the quality of a player he is.

I would go as far as to say that currently he is in the top ten strikers in the world. 

The main strength Spurs have is that Harry isn’t the only player they can depend on to score. 

The public relation boost that Harry brings to the club is just another part of his skill set that not all football clubs can boast. 

For a 22 year old with the world at his feat, Harry has a head on his shoulder that is experienced beyond its years. 

Harry has true leadership qualities and I can see a future captaincy for Tottenham – maybe even England one day.

Am I jumping the gun?

There is a chance of that, yes. 

But after a season like this, who can blame me for getting excited about the direction that things are heading towards.

The next few years will be quite exciting for Tottenham, with the appointments of Pep Guardiola and Conte accompanied by the possibly return of Jose Mourinho for next season. 

For us fans, the league that we love will continue to get better and better and it is an exciting time to be a core part of the spectacle that is the Premier League.


Written by Sam Carter

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