Rose apologetic for Chelsea fallout

In the fallout of Tottenham’s 2-2 draw that saw the possibility of a first Premier League title fall out of the grasp of the boys from White Hart Lane, Danny Rose has spoken out to apologise over the team’s conduct that resulted in ugly scenes following the final whistle.

Speaking of the ill-tempered affair, Rise commented: “It is not nice to see for kids here or kids watching on TV, I apologise if it looked bad on TV.

“It is a London derby. It is to be expected. We wanted to win and they wanted to stop us having any more say in the title race.

“There are no bad words to say about Chelsea. These are the games you want to be part of. It was a great game.”

Of the incident in which Guus Hiddink was knocked to the floor, he added: “I couldn’t tell you what happened, it was just handbags being thrown.

“I saw the Chelsea manager fell on the floor. I hope he is all right. People were saying from the bench that he conducted himself like a true gentleman throughout the whole game.”

Tottenham’s central midfielder Moussa Dembélé is also likely to face punishment for his alleged role in an attempted eye gouge on Chelsea striker Diego Costa.

The Belgian is likely to receive a three match ban for the incident, effectively ending his season.

The debacle that followed may well have soured what looked to have been an exciting night when Spurs had taken a two goal lead, but I believe it to be a real credit to Danny Rose’s credit that he has taken the steps to actively apologise for his, and the team’s, reaction.

Truthfully, I feel it’s a shame that it boiled over in the fashion that it did, passion is one thing but retaining dignity and setting a good example to children that idolise you is equally important.

Nine yellow cards exemplifies the loss of discipline in last nights fixture – symbolising a group of young players that may have let the significance of the occasion get to them in this instance.

Despite this, one thing is for sure – this exciting squad can only build from the experiences that they have encountered this year!

Written by Joe Thomas

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