Reaction: Spurs to play at Wembley next year

News that Spurs will be playing their Champions League fixtures at Wembley next season has certainly split opinions amongst fans this year.

We look at what the team feels this could mean for the 2016/17 campaign.

Joe Thomas, Operations Manager:

“For me, this represents a monumental opportunity for Tottenham to really boost their standing amongst international fans of the game.

Wembley is one of the world’s most iconic stadiums and has played host to huge international events from the NFL to two Champions League finals in the last few years. The brand value that could be gained from affiliation with such a significant venue could represent real commercial value to the club.

Whilst White Hart Lane is the beloved home of Tottenham Hotspur, I believe that the opportunity that this presents to the club as it continues to pursue a position amongst Europe’s elite sides has a precedence over sentimentality.”

Wembley is one of the world’s leading sports venues

Ben Mathias, Kings of The Lane contributor:

“The news was bitter sweet to me, and many other fans for that matter. This is because we would be playing at Wembley! However, we were under the impression that if we had qualified for the Champions League this season, we would have been watching Champions League at the Lane next season.

Seeing as it will be our last season at White Hart Lane it would’ve been fantastic for the fans to experience Champions League football at the Lane one last time. A sentimental way to leave the stadium we’ve played in for over 100 years.

With the possibility of playing at least 25 games at Wembley over the next two years, it could enhance our performance in Cup Finals. It could become second nature for the team as they will have played there for a few years consistently.

The prospect our home games at Wembley is immensely exciting, however, some of that gloss is taken off due the fact we will not see another Champions League game at the Lane ever again. It’s not a huge issue; it just would’ve been a perfect send off for our fantastic stadium.”

Anthony Koval, Kings of The Lane contributor has his say on the decision:

“Well it’s obviously not an ideal situation but I do think it’s the smartest choice. But as an American, yes I think it could boost some interest from people that may be only casual watchers of the BPL or UCL. 

I think since Spurs will be at Wembley, Fox Sports (the network that shows all Champions League games here in the USA) would be more tempted to choose the Spurs game to air on TV – therefore bringing more viewers and followers to Tottenham!”

Although some portions of the fanbase may be disappointed by the news that a Champions League swan song at White Hart Lane is sadly not going to happen, it would appear that much optimism can be taken from the opportunities that such a call has presented to the club. 

Regular football at a stadium of Wembley’s calibre could stand to significantly boost the prominence of the club on the international stage, whilst also offering an opportunity for a greater volume of Tottenham fans to enjoy live games at Europe’s elite table.

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