Spurs to play Champions League matches at Wembley

Spurs have secured an agreement that will see next season’s home Champions League fixtures hosted st Wembley Stadium.

The agreement has been reached as Spurs continue the development of their new £400m stadium, set to be opened for the 2018/19 season. 

There is also an option for all league and cup fixtures to be played at the stadium during the 2017/18 season.

Chairman, Daniel Levy, also believes that the move offers the club a great opportunity to connect with the ever growing tide of people desperate to attend match day fixtures: “Our season ticket waiting list is over 50,000 so this now also offers us a great opportunity to provide more of our supporters with a chance to see the team play live during our Champions League campaign,

“Importantly, as we know it was our fans’ preference, it means that we can play our home matches in London during our season away.”

Matches at Wembley Stadium could also prove a good commercial opportunity for the club. 

As Spurs continues to grow into one of he world’s biggest sporting brands, association with such a truly iconic stadium can only look to enhance the club’s standing as international demand for the Premier League continues to grow.

As if the prospects of next season weren’t  exciting enough, with elite European football guaranteed and the club likely to add some sparkle to what is already a quality group of players – this could prove another reason to believe we’re at the beginning of a golden era for Spurs.

Written by Joe Thomas

Could the new stadium put Spurs at the top of English football? Have your say!

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