Tottenham teaser gives hope to Bentaleb fans

In the past few days, Tottenham released a short behind the scenes video of the launch of the new kits for the coming seasons.

And, for those Nabil Bentaleb fans amongst us, there is some cause for celebration with the academy prospect featuring alongside the likes of Eriksen, Chadli and Alli in the promo.

The midfielder, for whom I have a deep and unrequited (and I hasten to add, non-erotic) love for spent much of the 2015-16 season seemingly out of favour with Pochettino, as well as suffering a debilitating knee injury – leading to many a fan presuming the 21 year old’s time at White Hart Lane had come to a close.

Bentaleb certainly has a lot of talent in his boots and a huge amount of potential to offer to the club. If he can get his head down and work hard on re-establishing himself at the club then I for one believe he could still play a critical role in the Tottenham midfield for years to come.

Catch the video here – could Nabil get the chance to strike an on-field relationship with Alli this coming season? Add your thoughts to the comments.

Written by Joe Thomas

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