Time up for Bentaleb?

It was just over a year ago that Pochettino pinned down Nabil Bentaleb to a five year deal, however, just this morning Bentaleb didn’t appear in the 24-man squad that would travel to Australia for the friendlies against Juventus and Atletico Madrid.

This tour is an opportune moment for fringe and youth players to prove themselves and maybe get them considered for next season – many were expecting Bentaleb to be a certainty in this squad for this reason alone. 

It seems more than unusual that Nabil Bentaleb is being deprived of even more game time after players like Tom Carroll and Ryan Mason (who are going to Australia) failed to perform last season.

Why should we keep him?

We all know the quality he possesses after we saw him marshal the midfield since making his debut as a teenager and at the age of just 21, he still has a fantastic potential. 

We will, again, be competing within numerous competitions next season and I for one believe Bentaleb has an important role to play next season. 

I would rather Bentaleb start as opposed to the two aforementioned midfielders as I feel he possesses more quality than them and has lots of unlocked potential under Pochettino’s guidance.

What does his omission mean?

Unfortunately, it means Bentaleb may no longer be a Tottenham player come September.

N’Jie and Pritchard have been left out to finalise moves and I can only assume that Bentaleb has been left out just in case an offer comes in and his omission shows that Pochettino wouldn’t hesitate in accepting it.

I’m surprised by how many chances Pochettino has given to Mason and Carroll in the Premier league whilst Bentaleb can’t even get a look in in a pre-season. Sadly, it looks like the end of a Tottenham career may be near for Bentaleb.

Written by Ben Mathias

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