Fan power: Documentary raises funds for Haringey charity

It’s not often we get to sing the praises of the fans here at Kings of The Lane as we (maybe selfishly) focus on the on field events and off field antics that engulf the world of football in a daily whirlwind of entertainment.

However, one story has captured our imagination that was too big an opportunity to ignore with the news that a fan-funded documentary chronicling the club’s illustrious 134 year history has raised significant funds for the Haringey-based young people’s charity Exposure.

The fundraising success can be attributed to the huge support that the project has received across social media from some of the big players in the Spurs fandom, such as The Fighting Cock fan podcast, as well as from the young people at Exposure themselves.

The documentary has raised funds from across the world, with donations coming from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Europe and the Far East and has raised over £3000 for the charity.

Memory Lane is a huge example of the immense amount of good that fan-power can bring to the world and we’d like to give a massive shout out to all those that have brought this dream into reality!

You can watch the trailer below, follow Memory Lane on Twitter or find the documentary here!


 Written by Joe Thomas


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