Academic research reveals Sol Campbell is actually tw*t

Stunning new academic evidence has revealed that the once revered England international footballer Sol Campbell is in fact ‘an absolute twat’.

The PhD who conducted the research commented on his findings: “Sol Campbell is a well known footballer so we felt it was an important piece of research to undertake.

“Most people seem to think he’s a nice bloke but we sat back and asked ourselves ‘is he actually a bit of a twat?’ and after a long period of research, we can conclude that, yes, Sol Campbell IS in fact a twat.”

The news will surely take the footballing world by surprise, with most people generally considering him to be a ‘stand up bloke’ who is ‘most agreeable’. 

The research is understood to include qualitative and quantitative data, including anecdotal evidence of him stealing Jermain Defoe’s Skittles whilst on England duty and another story of him publicly shitting in a children’s play park.

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