Middle-aged man still believes Scott Parker would be critical member of Spurs midfield

New evidence has come to light that a middle-aged man still believes Scott Parker should still be considered for the Spurs Starting XI. 

Citing his respectable haircut, tucked in shirt, Englishness and willingness to “get in where the boots are flying”, Big Chris, 44 and usually spotted down the Dog and Duck on match days, sort valiantly to convert those unenlightened disbelievers that Scott Parker would still “do a job” in the Spurs midfield.

Chris, of Milton Keynes, insisted upon watching the last 25 minutes of the weekend’s fixture in ‘a bit of a huff’ after his point of view was widely maligned by his fellow supporters.

Mousa Dembele was unavailable for comment when contacted by a Kings of The Lane representative. 

Written by Joe Thomas

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