Shitty Tottenham deliver SHOCK victory over London’s greatest club

Tottenham’s late comeback victory over West Ham United, widely perceived to be London’s greatest club, sent fireworks into world football as a late Harry Kane brace sent the points to North London.

One diehard West Ham fan was left dumbfounded by the result, exclaiming: “How did we lose to these fakin’ mugs? We’re West Ham, managed by the one an’ only Slav Bilic, we can’t be losing to minnows like these.”

Another fan, his face horrifically weathered by his eighteen years of being a lifelong Spurs fan, choked back the tears, exclaiming: “One day, I will tell my grandchildren of this monumental victory”. 

The victory will have reignited the excitement of many an England fan, with the prospect that Harry Kane, once believed to be a one season wonder, might actually be decent at sticking the ball in the back of the net.

This ground-breaking degree of upset, not seen since the heroics of the fictional Rocky II, may lead many to believe that Spurs might **actually** be a top four team. Heaven forbid.

Sources presume that Lord Sugar is already throwing great footy bants at Karren Brady.

Written by Joe Thomas

EXCLUSIVE: Janssen deliberately mugged off West Ham fans

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