Spurs remind Spurs fans how it feels to be a Spurs fan

Spurs kindly reminded us how it felt to be a Spurs fan today with yet another abject performance that saw the club crash out of this year’s Champions League.

The campaign had been something of a busted flush up until this point, today’s fixture was a moment for deliverance. 
And deliver they did – with a vintage Spurs performance we’d all hoped had been resigned to the history books.

After sailing close to the wind when Eric Dier conceded an early penalty that was comfortably fielded by Hugo Lloris, Spurs failed to provide any significant evidence that they may become a threat in the tie – it was something of a surprise that it took 48 minutes for the hosts to finally take the lead.

Whilst the whole game at been something of a real Spurs-up, the Spursiest of moments undoubtedly arrived in the 53rd minute. 

With Harry Kane’s penalty drawing the club level and breathing hope into the tie, Spurs kindly opted to hand the lead IMMEDIATELY back to the opposition, as some lax defending allowed Lemar to coolly put Monaco back in the driving seat with a low finish. 

And so it remained, as Spurs’ dim Champions League campaign finally fizzled out.  

Whilst we’d all hoped that the return of the in-form Harry Kane could prove a catalyst for victory in Monaco, the stagnancy of the previous Champions League outings was in plain sight for all to see. 

Today’s defeat may be a bitter pill to swallow but fans would do well to remain positive of what the future holds. The lads may well have Spursed it up tonight, but this young group will have learnt plenty from the steep Champions League learning curve.

Written by Joe Thomas

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