“Right to rest players in critical fixtures”

Mauricio Pochettino has come out swinging following his decision to rest key players in yesterday’s critical Champions League clash away to Monaco, calling criticism “pure bollocks”.

Spurs’ abject performance was underpinned by some particularly suspect tactical and selection-based decisions, with the Argentine opting for LITERALLY the worst moment possible to pay homage to the bygone AVB era. 

When pressed on his decision to omit senior centre back Jan Vertonghen from the starting XI, he stated: “Obviously it’s great that a player of Jan’s calibre has stuck with us and given his all over the last four years to ensure we become a top four team – but could he play on a Tuesday, rest a few days and then play a Saturday too? He’s no machine.”

On the remainder of the season, he added: “Now is the time to really knuckle down domestically and give the fans the next top four finish that they really deserve. And yes, if needs be, we’ll rest them all again next year as well, to ensure that this rich trend continues.”

Written by Joe Thomas

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