Manchester United fans left perplexed over new Kane contract

Fans of Manchester United have been left befuddled by the news that Harry Kane has signed a new contract that will keep him at the club until 2022.

It had previously been believed that Harry Kane would ‘definitely’ be signing for United and that he was refusing a new contract to try and force the deal, on account of Manchester United being the best team in the world. 

Aaron, a Sussex-based junior scaffolder, scornfully lambasted the latest revelation: “It’s certainly a surprising turn in events, my mate Gazza had heard from The Metro that Harry Kane was definitely coming to United – it seems unbelievable that they could have got this wrong.

“Obviously he’ll have made great mates with Phil Jones and Jesse Lingard on England duty so it’s a massive shock to hear he’s now decided he doesn’t want to play for the best team in the world.”

Aaron is now looking to arrange a refund for his latest purchase, a Harry Kane Manchester United kit. 

Manchester United sit sixth in the Premier League.

Written by Joe Thomas 

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